About us in a nutshell

For over 5 years VIVIT has been helping people, businesses, non-profits, and communities bring their digital presence to life. The love for all things digital comes out in our commitment to paid and unpaid clients alike. Our clients can see our difference right away and appreciate our passion for what we create. Our team of architects, writers, designers, and developers are thought leaders in their respective specialties and are adept at navigating the ever changing waters of the internet. We can’t believe Twitter is only 6 years old!

Let us help make your dreams become reality, walk with you as you rise, and creatively define your legacy as you shine.

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Digital Solutions at Work
VIVIT Marketing builds businesses, not websites, by designing comprehensive digital solutions that return lasting results. Your websites and social spaces are just the tip of the digital iceberg. (read more)
Diversify Your Digital Portfolio
Like real estate, stocks, or gold bars, your digital spaces are valuable assets. A collection of marco and micro assets makes up digital portfolio, which, like a stock, can rise or fall in value each day. (read more)
Success in the Digital Age
It’s time for all dreamers to enter the digital stage. Cyberspace is a world-wide venue where you can script your success. (read more)

Work team

  • Chip Holmes
    Chip Holmes
    Chip Holmes has been an Internet entrepreneur for the last 15...
  • Norreen Holmes
    Norreen Holmes
    Norreen Holmes is the co-founder and creative director of VIVIT Marketing....
  • Jeff Arnold
    Jeff Arnold
    Jeff Arnold is a consultant for VIVIT Marketing and serves as...
  • 3222_84219804784_8299530_n
    George Petersen
    George Petersen is our resident social adventurer. He loves to stay...
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