We have helped Brian grow his online presence for the last 15 months. He continues to have success converting clicks to sales in the highly competitive region of Atlanta. Brain is an extremely devoted family man, currently he has one thriving jewelry store but plans to expand in the near future, we plan to be there with him as he hands a flourishing business off to his children.

Brian Iroff

Anthony and his wife have a small family owned and operated fencing and iron works business in Las Vegas. He has been with us for 4 years is #1 in search. As the construction market in Las Vegas was slowed he was able to maintain his online presence to keep him afloat during the tough times. In 2013 he had to hire more employees to just to keep up with all the new business.

Anthony McDaniel

Norreen and Chip have been volunteering at SCORE and the SBA for over 3 years. Norreen created and deployed a cloud-based information archive on a secure intranet aptly dubbed the MentorNet. In this space counselors could collaborate with their teams, share tools, crate seminars, and get up-to-date small business resources and news. They also presented a tailor-made day long digital marketing seminar to counselors explaining the advantages of new media for small business owners. Although they have extremely busy schedules they still find time to do free consulting a few Fridays a month. Most counselees do not have the financial backing most start up companies do but have a strong willed passion to succeed. Using the same tools as the “big guys” Chip and Norreen create an individualized digital blueprint to success and watch it grow one counseling hour at a time. It’s hard to say who benefits more.

Bob Cushman