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Leave Your Digital Mark

Cyber-explorers are warned that any digital mark they leave is “public and permanent.”¬†Horror stories follow: The person who lost a career opportunity because of a 5-year-old incendiary comment that someone re-blogged. Humorless tweets deleted from popular twitters, only to be screen-captured and recirculated by hundreds of outraged secondary followers. Or,...
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Diversify Your Digital Portfolio

Like real estate, stocks, or gold bars, your digital spaces are valuable assets. A collection of marco and micro assets makes up digital portfolio, which, like a stock, can rise or fall in value each day. Your organization needs to continually cultivate each asset to see profitable returns. Each published...
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Think Digital

Many say, think outside the box; we say, build a new box. Saying good-bye to old ways of thinking clears the path so new ways can emerge. In today’s business world, you must “think digital” in order to be a major player. However, developing a digital mind is often a...
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Digital Solutions at Work

VIVIT Marketing builds businesses, not websites, by designing comprehensive digital solutions that return lasting results. Your websites and social spaces are just the tip of the digital iceberg. The global community has only begun to tap the potential of digital-for-business, which has the power to establish, expand, and energize your...
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Are You a L.O.C.A.L Gem ™?

Coordinating your old and new marketing efforts can feel like you’re the conductor of a 100-piece orchestra. It takes creativity and charisma to bring all the instruments into perfect harmony, which can turn out to be a major opus – or major fail – depending on how masterful the conducting....
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