Leave Your Digital Mark

Cyber-explorers are warned that any digital mark they leave is “public and permanent.” Horror stories follow: The person who lost a career opportunity because of a 5-year-old incendiary comment that someone re-blogged. Humorless tweets deleted from popular twitters, only to be screen-captured and recirculated by hundreds of outraged secondary followers. Or, the real name behind a controversial screen name is accidentally revealed, outing the person to current and future employers. The stories are endless, and, while true, there’s a refreshing flip side to these cautionary tales…beautiful marks last forever, too.

Enterprise digital gives businesses an opportunity to leave a lasting mark, one that’s strategically designed and directed. Your organization’s mark can influence people to think of you as a trusted authority in your industry. Beyond clever logos and colors, a “live mark” – as we’ve coined it - is something people can find and access from anywhere in the world. When you create a live mark that people truly benefit from, they will not only return to it, but will bring others with them when they come back. Forever is a long time, what mark do you want to leave behind?

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