Think Digital

Many say, think outside the box; we say, build a new box. Saying good-bye to old ways of thinking clears the path so new ways can emerge. In today’s business world, you must “think digital” in order to be a major player. However, developing a digital mind is often a mysterious exercise. Instead of solving this mystery, people surround themselves with the latest technological trappings. But migrating to cloud services, launching free business websites, and purchasing social monitoring tools doesn’t change how you think. With time and effort, you can unlearn traditional business concepts and relearn them through the digital lens.

All people in your organization, not just a select few, need to think digital. Your whole team should invest in developing a collective digital mind. In the past, technical types could tangentially manage your business’s internal and external digital experience. Now, every type needs to participate in creating a dynamic cyber-presence. Actively promoting your brand and services, talking with prospects and clients, and sharing in on- and off-line communities should be written into everyone’s job description.

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